The way you start your day can have a big impact on how much you get done later. The most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs take control of their days by establishing habits that help them be more productive in the morning. Here are a few of the suggestions that have helped them:

1. Get up early every day.

Every day, Richard Branson gets up at 5 a.m. He notes that getting up early helps him to get in some exercise and spend time with his family. He can go to work in the most productive frame of mind now that these crucial personal goals are out of the way.

2. Dress up in a uniform.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and art director Matilda Kahl are among the famous businesspeople who have put together look-alike outfits to wear to work. They can remove one decision every day and get down to business thanks to the uniform. In many circumstances, a consistent appearance may serve as a calling card in and of itself, as Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck did.

3. Take some time to meditate.

Meditation may appear to be New Age foolishness, yet evidence backs up its effectiveness. Regular meditation practitioners are calmer, have better memory, and are more productive at work. You don’t need to memorise a cheesy chant or spend an hour in the lotus pose. Even 20 minutes spent keeping your thoughts clean, calm, and focused might be beneficial.

4. Make an effort to communicate.

Set out an hour or two each day to react to emails, respond to social media comments, and listen to voicemail messages. Then, for the remainder of the day, don’t check your email. If you have your inbox open in a tab, it will keep interrupting whatever you’re doing. Worried that if you don’t respond within minutes, folks may get concerned? Include a statement in your signature stating that you check your email once a day. They’ll know when to expect an email response and whether they need to phone or use Skype to reach you sooner.Elon Musk begins his day by conversing on the phone with journalists. This allows him to get this commitment out of the way early while also ensuring that he receives the kind of consistent coverage that is beneficial to establishing a reputation and be productive.

5. Get some physical activity.

A one-hour yoga session, a five-mile run, or a lifting regimen can help you clear your head and be ready for the day. Regular exercisers are more self-assured, less worried, less prone to become unwell, and more alert throughout the day. It is not necessary for your workout to be lengthy and exhausting. You will benefit if you do anything to get the blood flowing early on. You’re not used to being active? Begin with a five-minute stroll. It’ll suffice to make you feel more awake. You’ll discover that you want that early morning movement and want to add more to your routine as time goes on. It makes no difference whether you exercise alone or with others. Working out alone allows you to concentrate and mentally prepare for the day ahead. When you work out with a partner, you have the benefit of accountability as well as the opportunity to socialise or network before beginning your workday. ALSO READ: WORKOUT THAT FITS YOUR BUSY LIFE

6. Spend time with the people who are important to you.

Whether your connection rituals involve breakfast with the family, a run with your dog, or a phone call with your best buddy, it doesn’t matter. Making connection a priority first thing in the morning guarantees that you get to spend time with the people who matter the most. Even if you are incredibly busy operating your business, this might help you keep in contact. Contact with your loved ones might also help you recharge and face the day with greater serenity and contentment. ALSO READ : PILATES

7. Keep up with the news.

An intelligent entrepreneur is one who can recognise trends early on and profit on them before the rest of the market. You have the option of looking at news from all around the world or focusing just on your sector. Many individuals prefer to read on their computer or iPad, while others prefer to have Siri or Alexa read them the news. A well-informed business owner appears more educated and capable, allowing people to trust your talents.

You may waste less time and get more out of your working hours by incorporating any or all of these routines into your day. Choose the routines that work best for you and commit to them on a regular basis to be more productive.


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