How do protect hair from pollution?


If you live in a city, you will unavoidably be exposed to pollution. If you leave the house unattended, pollution can potentially injure your scalp and hair. The bulk of hair care problems is caused by environmental pollutants, which cause long-term damage to our hair.

Continue reading to find out how pollution affects the health of our hair and what you can do to protect and treat your hair from pollution. In addition, we’ve developed a list of the best anti-pollution haircare products.

How does pollution affect our hair and scalp?

Pollution affects our scalp in the same way that it affects our skin. Pollutants including dirt, dust, and daily filth encourage scalp buildup, clog hair follicles, and cause sebum overproduction, resulting in a range of scalp disorders like itching, flaking, dandruff, and even scalp pimples.

Because it alters our hair’s pH, the whole quality of our hair health suffers, including poor growth development, breakage, split ends, and dull strands. Pollution also contains UV radiation that causes hair and scalp damage.

How do protect hair from pollution?

When looking for therapies to treat pollution-damaged scalp and hair, there are a few factors to consider.

a. Look for shampoos with anti-oxidants including tea tree oil, argan oil, arginine, and soy amino acids. If you wash your hair every day, opt for gentle shampoos that won’t strip the natural oils from your hair.

b. Pollutants in the environment increase hair porosity, which means your hair loses its capacity to keep moisture, making it dry and prone to breakage. Deep-conditioning treatments can help to reduce porosity.

c. Using scalp cleaners once a week or every 10-15 days is also a good idea to remove any pollutants that are clogging your scalp pores. Products containing chemical exfoliants are ideal in this case.

d. Always read the label when shopping for anti-pollution haircare products. Include antioxidants, herbal extracts, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Here are the greatest hair care products to add to your routine. SHAMPOO FOR HAIR REPAIR WITH ARGAN KERNEL OIL- This one-of-a-kind combination of Argan Kernel Oil and naturally derived components fortifies hair roots, repairs hair from within, and restores lustre and softness. Keratin in the hair provides smoothing and detangling without the need for heat or chemicals.

HAIR REPAIR AND CONDITIONER WITH ARGAN KERNEL OIL- Use Argan Kernel Oil and other botanical extracts to repair damaged hair from the inside out. It hydrates, detangles, smoothes frizz, and prevents split ends. This one-of-a-kind conditioning treatment restores and rehydrates damaged hair, imparting healthy mobility, silkiness, and shine. It also strengthens hair that has been weakened by exposure to the elements and heat styling.

HAIR REGROWTH WITH ARGAN KERNEL OIL- Prepare to welcome new, healthier, and more beautiful hair with this one-of-a-kind treatment that controls hair loss and encourages new hair growth. It was developed after extensive research on powerful herbs coupled with Argan Oil, and it has been found to improve hair and scalp health as well as encourage new hair growth.


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