Jovees pollution-fighting skincare


Everyone is afraid of having dull skin and blocked pores, and our skin will suffer even more as a result of the city’s excessive pollution. The contaminated air makes it more difficult for the skin to breathe, which can irritate and dry the skin while also exacerbating pre-existing diseases such as rosacea, eczema, and redness.


Pollution has stained your face in a variety of ways. Toxins accumulate on the skin, blocking pores and decreasing oxygenation. As a result, your skin becomes smothered, drab, and wrinkled. Furthermore, when exposed to pollution, your skin produces free radicals, which are unstable chemicals caused by cellular oxidation that accelerate the ageing process. Acne and dry skin are additional effects of pollution.

UV radiation, often known as ultraviolet rays, can irreversibly damage the skin. The exceptionally elastic material is deposited in the dermis as a result of solar elastosis, which is caused by it. As a result, your skin becomes less supple, resulting in sagging. Furthermore, UV rays increase the activity of the enzyme elastase, which accelerates the breakdown of elastin and causes wrinkles and fine lines.

Ozone has also been linked to premature ageing. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, are depleted in the skin. Because of the increased free radical concentration caused by the lower antioxidant content, your skin will wrinkle. UV rays have the potential to permanently harm skin cells, resulting in pigmentation.


  • Remove your makeup and carefully cleanse your face twice a day to remove as much debris and pollutants as possible. Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Face Wash should be part of your normal skincare routine.
  • Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Exfoliating clears pores and eliminates dead skin cells while also keeping pollutants, filth, and pathogens at bay. Plus, the products you utilise after that will be far more effective! The 24K ULTRA RADIANCE is adored by the skin.
  • SCRUB YOUR FACE. Face Mask: To regulate your complexion, use a pore-cleansing mask at least once a week. The Detoxifying Charcoal Face Masque was designed to help avoid pollution.
  • Include a serum in your regimen for more targeted treatment. In this case, look for a serum that functions as a barrier against environmental aggressors, such as Jovees’ Revita Glow Vitamin C serum, which brightens the face while also invigorating dull skin and fading dark spots and providing free radical-fighting antioxidants.
  • Moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. The serum and cream work together to help restore your skin’s protective barrier. Shea Butter Moisturizer is suitable for normal to dry skin. It is especially effective in dry and cold weather when the skin requires the greatest hydration. So go ahead and enjoy this silky smooth sensation on your skin.
  • Sun protection is critical. We cannot overstate the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. UV rays not only cause skin damage, but they also amplify the effects of pollution! As a result, use Sun Defence Cream SPF 50 PA+++ daily.


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