Is Drinking Cold Water Bad for You? Risks and Benefits You Need to Know



Staying hydrated has proven advantages for your mental and physical health. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that men 19 and older consume 3.7 litres of per day and women 19 and older consume 2.7 litres daily. But can drinking cold water have a negative impact on your health?

Some people consider that consuming cold water is a harmful habit that can really harm your long-term health. This belief is based on the idea that sipping cold water contracts your stomach, making it more difficult to absorb food after a meal. Some people also believe that your body has to work harder to maintain its internal temperature of 98.6°F (37°C) if you’re drinking water that’s near the temperature of ice, or less than 36°F (4°C).

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Drinking cold water does affect your system in various ways you may not anticipate or want. Drinking cold water was combined into triggering migraines in people that previously undergo migraine. The pain linked with achalasia, an ailment that restricts your body’s capacity to pass food through your oesophagus can also get more serious when you sip cold water with a meal.

Meals in the Chinese culture are served with lukewarm water or hot tea, instead. This idea is mirrored in several other cultures around the world.

Some characters hold a similar belief that drinking cold water on a hot day won’t help cool you down. There isn’t enough research to conclude that either belief is true or false.

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Drinking cold water does have its benefits. Drinking cold water during training can help keep your body from heating and make your workout session more blooming. This is probably because sipping cold water makes it more convenient for your body to keep a lower core temperature.

Drinking plain water, no matter the temperature has been shown to give your body more energy during the day.

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Can drinking cold water help with weight loss?

Drinking water as an option to sugared drinks is good for your metabolism and having a healthy weight, even if the water you drink is on the colder side. Cold drinking water may actually help you burn several extra calories as you digest it because your body has to work harder to maintain its core temperature. But it’s not likely that drinking cold water is a powerful jump-start tool for weight loss.

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Is warm or hot water better than cold water?

Drinking warm water can help in metabolism, help your flow, and overall assist your body in getting cleared of viruses faster. While this isn’t a “risk,” per se, it’s something to keep in memory as you choose how you’d like to get water in your body.

Drinking warm or hot water has been found to make you less thirsty. This can be harmful on days when your body is losing water through sweating to try to remain cool. If you do opt to drink warm water, be aware that you may not feel thirsty as often as you should.

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Some people may require to avoid taking cold water. Drinking cold water while you have a cold or flu, or if you have any persistent condition that results in more gradual digestion, is probably not a great idea. But while some religions regard drinking cold water as a vital health risk for everyone, there isn’t a lot of proof to back that claim. There are lots of benefits to drinking warm water, though.

If you’re concerned about your digestion, trying to make a plan to lose weight, or feeling like you might be consistently dehydrated, speak with your doctor and make a plan that will keep you hydrated and healthy.


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