Constipation may affect anybody at any age and create a great deal of suffering. As your bowels become clogged, the discomfort progresses to agony. When your bowels are slow to move, you are not constipated. Often, simply eating some meals or supplements that get things going would enough. The issue is that you may believe you have a sluggish bowel when you actually have constipation. ALSO READ : PROBIOTICS

The trick is to recognise the symptoms of constipation. When you recognise that your bowels are clogged, you may take steps to address the problem before it becomes uncomfortable. In this essay, we will discuss how to tell whether you are constipated and how to obtain rapid constipation relief. ALSO READ : LACTOSE INTOLERANCE

Your Regular Movements Slow Down

Even before you get constipated, there are warning indications that it is on its way if you do not intervene. These indicators are alerts that advise you to take action before a more serious situation arises.

If your bowel motions are irregular and you have firm stools that are difficult to clear, this is a strong indicator that something is wrong. Then, if you have stomach ache or discomfort prior to a bowel movement, you’re on the verge of a problem. Because you’re still passing faeces, you may believe you’re fine or that you won’t become constipated. The issue is that these signals will ultimately give way to the indications that you do have.

You Haven’t Had A BM In More Than Three Or Four Days

If you do nothing else after the sporadic bowel movements, you will eventually cease having them entirely.

If you haven’t had a bowel movement in three days and are suffering abdominal pain, you most likely have constipation. You’ll need to do something to assist you pass the stool at this point. Don’t wait for things to go better since you’ll likely end up causing yourself much more pain and anguish.

What To Do

The first step is to purchase a mild laxative. They will soften the faeces and make it easier to evacuate by stimulating the bowels. Some individuals like to start with dried prunes because they have characteristics that assist move the bowels. If you suffer from chronic constipation, you must be more proactive in order to avoid it. Change your diet to include items that help your stools stay soft. Fresh fruits and veggies are quite beneficial. Additionally, remain hydrated by drinking several glasses of water every day. Purchase a warm water bidet to soften your intestines before attempting to pass a hard stool.


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