Newly diagnosed diabetes in Covid patients may be transitory


According to a research, many Covid-19 patients who were newly diagnosed with diabetes during their hospital stay may have a transient form of the condition caused by the viral infection’s acute stress, and their blood sugar levels will recover to normal soon after discharge.

Many people have recently complained about being diagnosed with sugar levels after acquiring Covid-19 and recovering. Many Covid-19 patients newly diagnosed with diabetes during hospital admission may have a temporary form of the disease related to the acute stress of the viral infection, according to a study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). These patients may return to normal blood sugar levels soon after discharge. ALSO READ : KARELA JUICE FOR DIABETES

According to the study published in the ‘Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications,’ these patients are more likely to be younger, non-white, and on Medicaid or uninsured than those with previously diagnosed diabetes, suggesting that many of these “new-onset” cases may simply be pre-existing but undiagnosed sugar levels in people with limited access to healthcare services.

In Covid-19 hospital admissions across the world, high rates of newly diagnosed diabetic mellitus (NDDM) have been recorded. It’s still unclear if this was true new sugar levels or previously undiscovered instances, what the source of the raised blood sugars was, and whether patients’ blood sugars improved when Covid was resolved. Pre-existing diabetes has been linked to greater rates of hospitalisation, ICU admission, and mechanical ventilation in persons with Covid-19.


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