Lose weight this summer with these tips diet


The rising temperature should not be used as an excuse to abandon your regular activities and fall short of your fitness goals set at the beginning of the year. In fact, after two years of covid-19-induced constraints, this is the perfect moment to remove those winter pounds and get back to your training programme with a vengeance. Exercising on a daily basis is a wonderful habit to develop not just to maintain a healthy BMI but also to keep chronic diseases at bay by strengthening your immune. While sweating it out at the gym, keep these fitness and workout suggestions in mind to lose weight . ALSO READ : hOW TO GET IN SHAPE THIS SUMMER

Keep yourself hydrated.

When doing out in the summer, it’s crucial to keep track of your water intake because sweating causes the loss of water and salts. You may feel weary, dizzy, and have a dry mouth and lips if you don’t drink enough water. “Don’t forget to increase and track your water consumption, as it tends to rise over the summer.

Take care of your diet.

As you increase your physical programme, it’s critical to ingest enough calories or macronutrients. “Macronutrients, also known as macronutrients, are the substantial amounts of fat, protein, carbohydrates, water, and fibre that your body requires. “Fat, protein, and carbohydrates give 9, 4, and 4 calories per gram, respectively; water and fibre provide no energy but help to nourish and maintain the body. The fitness expert also recommends the following workouts:


Weight training with a well-structured plan could help you reach your fitness goals. You should exercise each muscle twice a week. When you’re training, consider doing four to twelve sets of each activity.


It’s critical to include some cardio in your training routine. Cardiovascular activities can aid in the burning of calories as well as the improvement of a person’s endurance. Cardio exercises include things like jogging, brisk walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, climbing stairs, playing sports, and doing burpees. It is suggested that you engage in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise twice or three times each week to improve your overall health. There must be a delicate balance. A cardio workout should not be used to replace a weight training session.


HIIT or high intensity interval training consists of short bouts of intense work followed by a period of active recovery of the same length. While it is not mandatory to do HIIT but if one has a busy schedule, incorporating HIIT to burn calories can be an option. This can be a replacement for cardio in such instances. To begin with you can start with a 40 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest. The goal of HIIT is to fit in as many repetitions of a workout in a specified time span so that the intensity of the workout increases.


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