Because of the pandemic’s social isolation, every parent has had to grow more innovative in order to keep their only child engaged. The lack of playdates, school, or playground meet-ups has made life particularly difficult for parents of lone children. Not only have we been attempting to come up with methods for our singletons to occupy their days without having to connect with their siblings or classmates, but we’ve also been concerned about how much time alone they’ve spent. ALSO READ : PROMOTING BODY IMAGE IN CHILDREN

Our culture implies that all children, regardless of age, are lonely. And the epidemic has just reinforced and amplified that viewpoint. However, all children, whether or not they have siblings, are social beings. When children are forced to socially withdraw, it is up to their parents to find activities to keep them engaged. Here are some of the brilliant solutions they’ve come up with to keep their kids entertained on their own, ranging from toddlers to adolescents.

While having several children has many problems, being an only child presents its own set of challenges. Because an only kid has no siblings to hang out with, argue with, or grow up with, he or she is an only child.

He’s got you.

 Pretend Play

Pretend play is an excellent technique to keep you child occupied. You may have a tea party or cook with her in the kitchen as she gives you food, or you can go to school with your child. One may even engage in some vehicle play as your child chauffeurs you about. You may also acquire a couple toy sets for him/her to utilise to add to the pretend play fun. In the market, there are fake kitchen and cleaning sets, as well as doctor sets.

Coloring and Water Paint Books

You may purchase your child colouring books in a variety of colours. You can expose him or her to many forms of media. There are a variety of entertaining colouring books on the market that are a lot of fun. You may even sketch a picture and have your child colour it.

DIY Craft

A toddler can do things like glue cutouts or stickers to a card, rip paper for future craft projects, and put together image puzzles with little or no supervision. You can even do crafts with your child if you keep an eye on them while they’re using the scissors.

Show them images from your family’s past.

Children enjoy viewing photographs of their parents before they were born, but even photographs of themselves as newborns will likely peak their curiosity. Plus, every now and then, it’s wonderful to take a journey down memory lane. Show them vintage photographs of you and your pals if you have them — you know, the ones where you’re wearing those ’80s rubber bracelets and ’90s scrunchies. If nothing else, it will make you both laugh for a few minutes and will almost certainly lead to a variety of talks and discoveries about Mom and Dad.

Allow your youngster to instruct you.

This was suggested by a Facebook mom, and we thought it was wonderful! We’re usually worried about passing on our knowledge to our children, but you’d be amazed how much they can show you for a change. Tell your kids they’re in charge of teaching for a change, whether it’s how to play Minecraft or how to create a paper aircraft, and watch what happens. The twist will most likely thrill your youngster, provide a breath of fresh air to your usual games and activities, and strengthen your friendship. Oh, and you might even learn something in the process.


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