Getting in and out of the bathtub used to be a straightforward task that we did on a regular basis. Even this simple task, however, might become increasingly difficult to complete as we age. After a hard day, no one should be prevented from relaxing in a warm bath due to limited mobility or the ageing process. Walk-in tubs are an alternate option that allows elders and those with mobility challenges to easily enter and utilise baths. Aside from its exceptional accessibility, it also offers other distinguishing attributes that make it a worthy buy. ALSO READ : TIPS FOR MEN’S HEALTH

Enhanced Comfort While Bathing

Watertight doors, which are standard with walk-in bathtubs, may be swung in or out for increased convenience. They also include built-in chairs, allowing customers to bathe while sitting down in a comfortable position. There are also roll-in showers that serve as baths for wheelchair users. Whirlpool jets, chromotherapy lighting, safety grab bars, seat cushions, head pillows, lap and shoulder belts, and rapid fill and drain features are all included in a walk-in tub setup.

Secondary Benefits Of Warm Baths

While accessibility is the primary selling feature, this adapted bathroom fixture also provides ancillary advantages. Bathing or showering helps users with arthritis, poor circulation, and anxiety. Warm baths, according to current research, can lower excessive blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health.

  • Soothes arthritic discomfort – Warm baths on a regular basis have been shown to lessen pain intensity during arthritic episodes. Furthermore, those with fibromyalgia and persistent low back pain benefit from warm water therapy in walk-in tubs.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health — According to recent research, warm baths may also help to improve cardiovascular health. A warm bath is not only relaxing, but it may also drop blood pressure, increase blood vessel relaxation, and reduce arterial stiffness, regardless of age or medical condition.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels — Walk-in bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular among seniors suffering from type 2 diabetes. According to recent research, persons with type 2 diabetes who take regular warm baths have a 10% drop in peak blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the same group of persons with type 2 diabetes had an increase in energy expenditure of up to 80% and an increase in calorie-burning capability of up to 126 calories per hour. A warm bath, when combined with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, can lower blood sugar levels, improving the overall condition of type 2 diabetes.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety – It is general knowledge that a warm bath may help individuals feel more calm, less worried, and less stressed. ALSO READ : CONSTIPATION AND CURE


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