8 Reasons Why You Must Replace Your Breakfast With A Green Smoothie


Green smoothies Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day and rightfully so. After a night’s sleep and hours of body on fasting mode it is essential to have a fulfilling breakfast because when you wake up, the blood sugar needed to put your muscles and brain to work to their best is low. That’s why it is important to refuel the body with food and replenish it. If not you would be out of energy the whole day and very likely overeat later in the day because the cravings go to the roof.

green smoothies

A healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, that helps you burn calories throughout the day and assists with weight management. You feel energised, focused and ready for the day. Eating breakfast leads you to good health, makes your memory better and enhances concentration, lowers the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol, keeps your heart fit, lessens the chances of becoming diabetic, and/or overweight.

Despite all the research backed overwhelming evidences that show how important having breakfast is, only one third of adults who would like to eat breakfast, actually do eat it. And why so- because the clock keeps you on your toes. We fail to understand that while we can’t compromise on our work, we choose to compromise on our body’s well being.

Next time you tell yourself that you need to be out of doors right now and catch up with the work and world, remember there is a solution. If you can’t go the whole traditional hog just know you can replace it with something that is quick and super simple to prepare, not heavy on your pocket and most importantly, healthy. That quick fix to your lack of time woes are green smoothies. The best replacement for the traditional breakfast. Green smoothies gives your body the essential fuel your body needs right at the start of the day.

What are Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies are similar to traditional fruit smoothies, but contain more green veggies and can include spinach, lettuce, kale, collard greens, parsley, dandelion greens, watercress — any leafy green veggies your palate desires. Bananas, apples, pears, avocado, and mango are great companions for these types of smoothies and work well to enhance the overall flavor and texture.

Why Should You Replace Breakfast With Green Smoothies?

Think of it this way, what are the ideal expectations from the food you eat:

1. It is nutritionally complete, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
2. It improves concentration and be a great aide for best mental performance
3. It provides physical strength and endurance
4. It helps you keep metabolism up to the mark for essential weight management
5. It keeps cholesterol in check and keeps your system clean.

Moving forward let’s see what are the benefits of green smoothies, do they fulfill the expectations mentioned above and is it wise to replace breakfast with them.

1. Richness of Chlorophyll
Green smoothies are rich in chlorophyll, that has been said to help with blood detoxification, odor control, wound healing, gut health, energy, immune system support and cancer prevention. Going to smoothies that’s why is regarded as going to the most natural and basic form of energy source.

2. Keeps Your Mind Healthy, Focused and Enhances Clarity
Isn’t it amazing that you start your day with a breakfast that’s full of antioxidants and carotenoids which not only boost your brainpower but also protect it? Leafy, green vegetables are the best source of B-vitamins, proven to help your memory, concentration, brain health, and functioning. Furthermore, they are also rich in folic acid which improves mental acumen and clarity.

3. Assists With Digestion and Overall Metabolic Function
A healthy gut is a key to a healthy body, that includes healthy skin and hair too. Fiber and roughage are essential for good colon health and helps with keeping the bowels in proper working order. Green smoothies keeps the goodness of fiber and nutrition of the whole fruits and vegetables, unlike fruit juices. These smoothies work wonder on treating constipation naturally and promotes regularity.
The blending of fruits and vegetables together breaks down the plant cells and unlocks the nutrients. This not only improves digestibility but also ensures their best delivery to your body better than chewing salads could. Smoothies are more time-efficient and more convenient way to take advantage of all of the health benefits than preparing and chewing salads.

4. Increases Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables
The American Cancer Society recommends eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily to prevent cancer and other serious diseases. When you go for green smoothies you quickly and conveniently get your vegetables and dark, leafy greens without tasting them. The flavor is masked or lightened by the fruit flavors but you are still consuming a healthy dose of spinach, kale, carrots, and any other vegetable you add.

5. Improves Mood and Helps Fight Depression
Green vegetables are rich in folic acid which is a natural antidepressant. Vitamin B9 (also known as folate or folic acid) and vitamin B12 are important in balancing out depressive moods. The folates indirectly facilitate the synthesis of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, three neurotransmitters involved in mood regulation, and other important functions. Regular intake and that too the natural way keeps improves your mood and strengthens you against fighting depression.

6. The Best Promoter of Natural and Healthy Weight Loss
Green smoothies are the best way to cut the calories without compromising on nutrition. You switch to green smoothies and you get all the vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates, fiber, and low-fat whole food that you need to lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively without starving yourself. Moreover, they are also low in sugars found naturally in fruit and fruit juices and therefore serve as a healthier alternative to traditional fruit smoothies and natural juices.

7. Clearer, Radiant, Younger Skin
Eating healthier directly results in clearer, radiant skin. Green smoothies is high in fiber that helps your body to eliminate toxins the right way instead of through your skin. The Vitamin E of green, leafy vegetables together with Vitamin C works wonderfully on your skin and wards off premature aging and helps you keep your skin healthy and supple.

8. Hydration
Drinking green smoothies not only fulfill the veggie requirements of your body but also is an excellent way to ensure you get the water your body needs. It is the smartest way to trick your body into getting all the essential nutrients and minerals along with the required hydration without even noticing it.

While making green smoothies you can add twists and turns suited to your taste but most consist of liquid (like water, non-dairy milk or kefir), fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts (or nut butter), supplements like protein powder, maca or matcha, and toppings (such as granola, coconut, and cacao nibs). Just make sure there is the right balance of vegetables, fruits, protein, and fat. Fruits such as mango, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, cherries, oranges, grapefruits, blueberries and vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, beet greens, carrot tops, collard greens, celery- there are just so many options that can make your green smoothie a healthy green smoothie treat tasty.

To sum it up, green smoothies are a great alternative to breakfast. You get all the goodness of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins of veggies, stay hydrated, energetic, keep your weight in check the healthy way without compromising on any of the benefits of eating breakfast. It’s time-efficient and spares you all the efforts of making a traditional breakfast.


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