7 Green Tea Face Packs That Works flawlessly for Your Skin

green tea face pack

Green tea is love. Yes, for your health and also for your skin! This is one beverage that you simply cannot do without! There are way too many benefits of green tea for the skin. It keeps your skin rejuvenated and youthful, it keeps away the fine lines and wrinkles that mar your beauty.
If you hunt down the beauty shelves of all supermarkets, you will find records of beauty products containing green tea extracts. But we all know that besides green tea, they also contain lots of other harmful substances which your skin may not like as much. Make your own green tea face pack to give your skin a stunning, renewed look.

Green Tea for Facepack Benefits 

Green tea Face Pack

There is every reason that people around the world are sipping on cupfuls of this antioxidant-rich beverage, and reusing it to obtain very useful face packs. The following ideas can prove to be an eye-opener of sorts.

●It is used for treating Psoriasis
●Slows Down the Aging Process
●Reduces Oiliness in Skin
●Provides Sun Protection
●No More Acne
●Helps in Exfoliation
●Great for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles
●Natural Skin Toner

7 Best Face Packs to Get a Flawless Complexion

Green tea pack for oily skin 

This is a perfect face pack to reduce the oiliness of your skin and shrink your open pores are one of the main problems that people with oily skin face. That, and an overtly shiny appearance, especially your t- zone, your forehead, your nose, and your chin. The following face pack can help you get rid of the shine and the open pores and reduce the sudden appearance of pimples. The rice flour exfoliates and also helps reduce sebum production. The lemon juice is another wonderful addition to the pack as it helps fade the marks and helps impart a nice glow to your face.


One tablespoon of lemon juice
Two tablespoons of green tea water (freshly brewed and cooled down)
One tablespoon of rice flour

Green Tea Turmeric Pack for Oily Skin

Green Tea Turmeric Pack for Oily Skin

When it comes to turmeric, you simply cannot do without this wonderful ingredient which helps revive your skin, making your complexion all dewy and blemish-free. It is also antibacterial and prevents acne. Can’t seem to get rid of the stubborn summer tan? Well, the combination of green tea and turmeric can come to your rescue.


1 tablespoon green tea 
1 teaspoon chickpea flour 
¼ teaspoon turmeric 

Multani Mitti and Green Tea Face Pack For Greasy Skin

Multani Mitti and Green Tea Face Pack

Your skin suffers a lot every day, what with a hefty dose of pollutants all around you, stress and a number of factors, which rob the skin glow off your face. Natural components indeed assist revive your skin moderately, refreshing it with minerals, nourishing it and also help to get relieved of the excessive oil. Multani mitti is truly nature’s Gift for people with oily skin. It regulates excess sebum generation, thus reducing the chances of breakouts.


1 tablespoon Multani mitti 
1 tablespoon green tea 

Green Tea and Chickpea Flour Face Pack For Normal/Combination Skin

Green tea Chickpea Flour Face Pack

While we previously know about the wondrous healing advantages of turmeric, chickpea flour is another important addition to your beauty closet that can treat various skin problems such as acne, tans, and handling excessive oiliness too. The chickpea, turmeric and green tea face pack is perfect for skin complexion enhancement.


1 teaspoon chickpea flour 
1 teaspoon green tea 
¼ teaspoon turmeric  

Orange Peel And Green Tea Face Pack For Common/Combination Skin
Orange peel powder is a fabulous pack for removing scars and moisturizes your skin while making it soft and bouncy too, increasing the collagen production. The honey provides the extra dose of moisturization. This is an ideal pack for people who have normal skin and combination skin, which is skin with the characteristics of both dry and oily skin.


1 tablespoon orange peel powder
1 tablespoon green tea
½ teaspoon honey

Green Tea Face and Honey Pack For rough Skin 

green tea honey pack

Honey is a great natural moisturizer and has soft bleaching characteristics that can lighten your skin and help get cleared of stubborn marks. Green tea benefits bring up the skins antioxidant quotient and maintain the skin’s PH balance. This green tea honey mask helps restore your skin’s vitality. 


1 tablespoon green tea
1 tablespoon organic raw honey

Green Tea Lemon Juice and Chickpea flour Pack for Skin Whitening
Chickpea flour makes for an effective combination with green tea, helping get rid of excessive oiliness, skin blemishes, and helps improve the skin texture. Together with green tea, it can nourish your skin and boost its natural anti-ageing properties. Lemon is a natural bleach that helps remove tan and brings back the glow to your skin. This green tea for skin whitening pack works well if you do it diligently and try it at least once a week.


1 tablespoon chickpea flour
1 tablespoon green tea
1 teaspoon lemon juice


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