5 Reasons Drinking Bottle Gourd or Lauki Juice Is Good For Skin & Hair


Bottle Gourd or lauki juice is one of those humble members of a big family who have the best qualities but lack in engaging qualities and exuberant persona. When you are told by your mother that you there is a Lauki dish for dinner tonight, the hunger jumps out of the window even if you were throwing tantrums about how much you are starving. The agility droops in just a second after you receive the news. It does not make your mouth water, or excited about the meal. Majority of us have the same sentiments for this saintly vegetable- not bitter but still unpleasant, plain and boring.

You might not have great food memories associated with bottle gourd or taste buds for it but no one can deny what a powerhouse of a vegetable it is. Not only it has innumerable health benefits but it is also a boon for your skin and hair. This pale green vegetable might be unappealing to you on the surface and its taste definitely does not speak for it either but experts swear by its potential to make your skin and hair be great and look amazing.

This piece of writing covers just a few of the many great quotients of this incomparable vegetable. The aim here is to explore how drinking bottle gourd or lauki juice can prove out to be the best thing you could do for your skin and hair.

1. Enhances the Skin and Reduces Pimple and Acnes

Spotless, glowing and dewy skin is everyone’s dream. The bottle gourd juice cleanses your system from within and nourishes it at the same time. A healthy and clean system not only keeps away the health risks but also promotes and boosts good skin by keeping zits, shingles, acne, and pimples at bay. It also balances the secretion of oil. It purifies the blood and also helps in keeping the skin smooth and maintaining its balance.

2. Delays Premature Skin Aging for a Wrinkle-Free Look

With aging skin cells come wrinkles. Bottle gourd is a powerhouse of zinc and vitamin C which combats premature aging. Vitamin C fights against aging of skin cells which automatically reduces the visibility of wrinkles on the face. Zinc lessens the formation of damaging free radicals and protects skin’s lipids (fats) and fibroblasts—the cells that make collagen, your skin’s support structure—when skin is exposed to UV light, pollution and other skin-agers. You can add bottle gourd juice to your breakfast or eat it cooked.

3. Gives Your Skin the Natural Glow

It helps heal and rejuvenate skin. You may also apply the juice on your face and neck or make a lauki facepack. It relaxes, cools, soothes, and heals the skin and helps you fight against acne. Just a glass of bottle gourd daily and its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants would not only regulate the functions of your body but also would bring back the natural and radiant glow to your face. Bottle gourd juice has soothening, rejuvenativing, healing properties all rolled into one.

4. Wards off Premature Hair Greying

Bottle gourd juice is just amazingly good for hair care and it takes care of premature greying of hair. ail the untimely hair greying which occurs due to aging. It is rich in Vitamin B which is a vital nutrient for healthy hair and its lack results in premature hair greying, discolouration and hair fall. Regular consumption of lauki juice addresses all these issues strengthens and protects your hair.

5. Helps Amazingly With Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Lauki is exceptionally good for your gut health. It is light and one of the easiest foods to digest. It has a low level of saturated fats and cholesterol but is also rich in water and nutrients required for weight loss.

This vegetable is very low in saturated fats and cholesterol and is rich in water and nutrients required for weight loss. As lauki is rich in nutrients and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron, Folate, Magnesium, and Potassium. This humble vegetable is low in calories and density per gram too. So it is one of the smartest and the healthiest things to add to your diet plan aimed for losing weight and maintaining it. Bottle gourd is high in water and fibre content, which makes it low in calories and density per gram. This makes it an ideal addition to your weight loss plan as meals which are lower in energy density may be helpful in losing weight and maintaining it. The beauty of addition of lauki juice is that it speeds up the weight loss process by increasing metabolic functions and strengthening the digestive system simultaneously. It also helps you sleep better and sound sleep is crucial for a healthy body, inside and outside as well. Lauki or bottle gourd is a blessing to your hair and skin and overall health. It is one of the most miraculous vegetables. Ensure its consumption with a healthy and balanced diet. Even a diabetic person can consume it without reserves because it stabilizes the blood sugar level and keeps blood pressure in check. Team it uo with a healthy, balanced diet and you will stay energetic and radiant the whole day and your body would always be thankful to you.

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